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Cognitive (Album Release Show) ~ Necrotic Gorebeast ~ Bonginator ~ Compulsed

Ages 21 and up
Saturday, June 08
Doors: 7pm

AGE RESTRICTION: Only Ages 21+ can purchase tickets for this show. NO REFUNDS/EXCHANGES for anyone underage who purchases or attempts to use these tickets.

Doors: 7:00 PM

Show: 7:30 PM


Necrotic Gorebeast
Necrotic Gore Beast’s self titled debut album erupted from the cankerous crust of the brutal death metal scene in 2019 and immediately established the band as one of the very heaviest around. Combining fearsome technical ability with intimidating brute force they pushed the limits further with second album, Human Deviance Galore and now they have bulldozed through the boundaries of sonic extremity once again. Repugnant is a relentless attack of world shattering violence, its bludgeoning blows entwined in cruel complexity and warped imagination. Each strike is deadly, from the panic inducing opening of the title track to the final, fatal blow of ‘Frozen Feces Evisceration’. Along the corpse strewn way you’ll find throat shredding guest vocal appearances from Cryptopsy’s Matt McGachy and Bludgeoned’s Jonathan Huber and some of the most incredible brutal death metal you will ever hear. NecroticGoreBeast have the strength to take on anyone in their field and leave them bleeding. In the badlands of brutality there is no match for the ‘GoreBeast.


Compulsed is a brutal death metal band from South Jersey that formed in 2024. Our influences are early 2000’s brutal death metal and deathgrind.


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