MoonGroove Dance Party

Ages 21 and up
Friday, April 05
Doors: 7pm
$25.21 / Day Of : $30.62

FIVE back-to-back performances feat. Moongroove’s Music Festival’s sick nastiest musicians. Dance your face off all night and bathe in their eclectic vibes as they bring the house to a crescendo.

Tim Cole- @TimColeMusic

“Tim Cole creates ethereal electro & interstellar jamtronica. With drummer Johnny “Beekeeper” Bogansky bringing a relentless funk, they craft an analog technicolor dreamscape.  The vibe is Brian Eno homeschooling the lovechild of Daft Punk & Chromeo.”


Funky, electronic, rock… inspired…well, there’s really no way to fully capture the experiences and sounds of Philly-born band, MINKA. But if you want to let your imagination run wild…let’s pretend some scientists got in the lab and crossed Bowie with Prince, and then sprinkled in some Talking Heads.

DJ H Videl- @djhvidal

The maestro of time travel! 🎧 With a magnetic connection to the slaps of the 90s and early 2000s, DJ H Vidal crafts a sonic journey that transcends eras. Feel the energy as he seamlessly blends hip-hop, R&B, and global hits, creating an atmosphere that speaks to your soul. H Vidal isn’t just mixing tracks; he’s curating an experience. The crowd will be dancing to the rhythm of their own nostalgia. His music is a celebration of the moments that shaped us. Vidal reigns supreme, effortlessly blending the past and present into a tapestry of sound that transcends generations.


Keegan Tawa- @KeeganTawa

Is a saxophonist, duduk player, synthesist, and songwriter from Philadelphia. His unique fusion of engineering and composition gives his music a characteristically modern sound.  As a DJ, Tawa combines his own original compositions with live instrumentation to weave a transportive journey in sound.”


Good ol’ FASHIONed Dance Punk Electro beats and alternative dance that’ll punt you right in the disco balls. Its time to move, groove, and shotgun an Ecto-Cooler to the sounds of LCD Sound System, The Juan Maclean, Daft Punk, Simian Mobile Disco, Fatboy Slim and so much more. Who’s better than you? NOBODY. Let’s smile, have fun, and help each other find our missing teeth on the dance floor. 

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