On & On present 1984 feat. Traxx (Nation, Chicago) AND Premiere of “Panoramic Coloursound” Film

Ages 21 and up
Friday, September 29
Doors: 9pm
$5 to $20

1984 is a Philadelphia-based synth-wave dance party presented quarterly by vinyl DJs On & On, since 2015. We play roots and offshoots of the underground synth-wave sounds of the 80s, including italo, electro, -wave genres, EBM, New Beat, early acid & techno. 

For our third 1984 of the year, on Friday September 29th we provide a rare opportunity for Philadelphia lovers of the raw, gritty and ecstatic edges of modern dance music to witness a presentation by the world’s most sought-after decknician, Traxx. Join us for a memorable night.

Screening of “Panoramic Coloursound”

Events kick off at 5pm with the east coast premiere screening of “Panoramic Coloursound” by The Creative Technology Consortium (CTC) of Chicago will be hosted by On & On as part of their quarterly installment of 1984. The music for the film, itself conceived as cinematic in the first place, comes from the eponymous April 2023 album by CTC on Dark Entries Records (SF). CTC comprises Cooper, Jason Letkiewicz and Andrew Bisenius, who according to Bandcamp, “forged the CTC during the depths of pandemic isolation”, and created “Panoramic Coloursound … inspired by film and television music of the 80’s/90’s, armed with a mighty array of vintage analog and digital synthesizers…exploring heists, vices, and catastrophe.” It’s brilliant and absorbing music, a fresh but retro take on Berlin School-style experimental soundscapes, filtered through the perspective of artists steeped in a certain Chicago tradition of directness and rawness. The film is a unique audio-visual experience, soundtracked by all 25 songs from the Panoramic Coloursound album. The screening will be a two-hour-plus collage of film and TV clips old and new, an exploration of vintage synth-created dystopian FM and decaying digital soundscapes. 

A one-time feast for the senses, this regional premiere will take place from 5-7pm in Cambridge Hall at Warehouse on Watts. Cooper as the spokesperson of CTC will answer questions about the making of the film and album afterward and invite discussion until 8pm, ahead of the start of 1984 at 9pm. Food and beverages will be available on-site, and audience members are encouraged to bring portable seating and other comfort items for the 3-hour audio-visual experience. Admission is $15, or FREE for 1984 event ticketholders. For $5 more filmgoers can attend 1984 ($20). 

Film and Artist Q&A: 5pm-8pm

1984 Music event: 9pm

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