Ages 21 and up

Saturday, Mar 23 - Saturday, Dec 14

Love is in the air! Along with rush, jungle juice, double scorpio,… but anyway! February 17th, get ready to celebrate a very special (belated) Valentine’s day with Jen DM and Doll.Redacted! BUT WAIT—there’s more… 

For more info about the afters stay tuned into socials. <3

Polari is historically the language of queer people. This party is a safe space, for all queer people and by queer people, so come as you are but check your ego. Respect each other’s humanities and LEAVE YOUR JUDGMENTS AT THE DOOR. 21+.

NO RACISTS, HOMOPHOBES, TRANSPHOBES, SEXISTS, MISOGYNISTS, BODY SHAMING, SUBSTANCE SHAMING, OR NONCONSENSUAL BEHAVIOR of ANY KIND (including cat-calling or unsolicited and disrespectful or derogatory language). Unsure of someone’s pronouns? Ask! They may be subject to change! Treat everyone, including the space, with kindness, compassion, and dignity. Be direct in your communications. In this space, we are all equals so leave preconceived notions at home and treat each other with respect.

If you are unable to behave according to these policies, YOU WILL BE REMOVED FROM THE EVENT. There is zero tolerance for unwarranted behaviors and depending on the nature of the broken policy or policies, you may not be allowed back.



  • Saturday, March 23
    Doors: 10pm
  • Saturday, April 27
    Doors: 10pm
  • Saturday, May 25
    Doors: 10pm
  • Saturday, June 15
    Doors: 10pm
  • Saturday, July 27
    Doors: 10pm
  • Saturday, August 24
    Doors: 12am
  • Saturday, September 28
    Doors: 10pm
  • Saturday, October 26
    Doors: 10pm
  • Saturday, November 23
    Doors: 10pm
  • Saturday, December 14
    Doors: 10pm
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